Justice for Women was established in 1990 as a feminist campaigning organisation that supports, and advocates on behalf of, women who have fought back against or killed violent men.

We strive to eradicate the discrimination in the legal system against women who have suffered male violence.



On 25th October we launched our new campaign with an event at Howard Kennedy LLP. Below is footage from this event, with speeches from the family and lawyers of Sally, Farieissia and Emma, chaired by Helena Kennedy QC.

Photo's from the Reclaim the Night March on 25th November can be viewed here.



The Centre for Women’s Justice in conjunction with Justice for Women are conducting research on the criminal justice system experiences of women who kill violent male partners. In particular, we will be examining the effectiveness of their legal defences and other factors that lead to women who have suffered abuse being convicted of murder.  We will also examine the length of tariffs and consider issues of gender and other forms of discrimination. The research aims to inform and influence appropriate reforms in law and practice ultimately leading to the prevention of miscarriages of justice of abused women being convicted of murder or serving long sentences. More specifically, the research will inform Justice for Women campaigns to free abused women appealing against conviction for murder or tariffs and the Centre for Women’s Justice training and toolkits for lawyers and advisors.

The research will be conducted by Dr Hannana Siddiqui with input and supervision from an advisory panel of criminal justice practitioners and academics.

We would like your help to:

  • Identify or contact women convicted or acquitted of the murder or manslaughter of their male partners and/or other men who have abused them. This includes women who are or have been in prison or on remand, currently facing trial or appealing against conviction or sentence/tariff.
  • Contact those who have been or are working with women who kill or have information about them, such as lawyers, probation officers or voluntary sector support workers.
  • Obtain any evidence or documentation on the subject of women who kill, including media reports and research.

Please send information to or contact:

The Centre for Women’s Justice: research@centreforwomensjustice.org.uk

or leave a message on: Tel: 07903 912 641

New Campaigns

Sally Challen

Sally Challen killed her husband Richard after years of being controlled and humiliated by him. 

Fariessia Martin

On June 9th 2015 Farieissia Martin, at the age of 22, was convicted of the murder of Kyle Farrell, her violent partner.

we need your help!

Emma-Jayne Magson

To help these women, and other's like them, please visit our crowdfunding page 

23-year old Emma is currently serving life for defending herself against her abusive boyfriend.