Justice for Women was established in 1990 as a feminist campaigning organisation that supports, and advocates on behalf of, women who have fought back against or killed violent men.

We strive to eradicate the discrimination in the legal system against women who have suffered male violence.



Nominations for this year's Emma Humphreys Memorial Prize are now open - you can now submit your nominations for women or groups whose work around violence against women you think needs to be recognised on the EHMP website here. 

This year's prize will be held at the Feminism in London conference on 14th of October 2017. 

To find out more about Emma Humphreys' life and her legal case, please visit her page here.

Stacey Hyde was convicted for murder in 2010 and sentenced to life in jail. She was trialled under an old law which did not allow for loss of control caused by fear of violence. In 2011 Justice for Women picked up her case and after a series of appeals she was acquitted. "I'm fighting for all those women out there who need the strength and support behind them and the belief that they can stand up for themselves and that people will stand up for them as well." Here she speaks about her battle for justice...

New Campaigns

Sally Challen

Sally Challen killed her husband Richard after years of being controlled and humiliated by him. 

Fariessia Martin

On June 9th 2015 Farieissia Martin, at the age of 22, was convicted of the murder of Kyle Farrell, her violent partner.

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Emma-Jayne Magson

To help these women, and other's like them, please visit our crowdfunding page 

23-year old Emma is currently serving life for defending herself against her abusive boyfriend.