Justice for Women was established in 1990 as a feminist campaigning organisation that supports, and advocates on behalf of, women who have fought back against or killed violent men.

We strive to eradicate the discrimination in the legal system against women who have suffered male violence.


Are you a lawyer?

Women who kill:  Can you help with our research to ascertain whether and how women are discriminated against in the criminal justice system?

If you are a criminal law solicitor or barrister, who may have defended or prosecuted in murder cases we are interested in your views and experience. To assist us with this study please complete the attached questionnaire and pass it on to other colleagues who may have defended or prosecuted in murder cases. Even if you have no experience of murder cases, please complete those parts that you can answer.  

We would also like to interview in more detail lawyers who have represented or prosecuted women who have killed a man with whom they have been in a relationship. Your direct experience of such cases is invaluable to our study and we can arrange to speak to you at a time that suits you in person or by telephone. 

Please complete the survey monkey questionnaire (link below) and/or please email the Centre for Women's Justice -  or phone 07903 912641

Current Campaigns


Fariessia Martin

On June 9th 2015 Farieissia Martin, at the age of 22, was convicted of the murder of Kyle Farrell, her violent partner.


Emma-Jayne Magson

23-year old Emma is currently serving life for killing her abusive boyfriend who had attacked her during their night out.

We have launched a CrowdJustice fund to raise money and awareness of this case.

Go to CrowdJustice


Sally Challen 

Sally killed her husband after years of being controlled and humiliated by him. On 1st March 2018, Sally was granted leave to appeal her conviction for murder

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we need your help!

To help these women, and other's like them, please visit our crowdfunding page or by PayPal here

Previous Events:

On 25th October we launched our new campaign with an event at Howard Kennedy LLP. Below is footage from this event, with speeches from the family and lawyers of Sally, Farieissia and Emma, chaired by Helena Kennedy QC.

Photo's from the Reclaim the Night March on 25th November can be viewed here.