about zoora

Zoora Shah served nearly fourteen years of a life sentence for killing a man who violently controlled her.

Southall Black Sisters led Zoora’s campaign, with support from Justice for Women. Zoora was sentenced to life for the killing of Mohammed Azam, a man from Bradford's criminal underworld. Azam sexually, physically and economically abused and exploited Zoora for a period of twelve years. She killed Azam with a fatal dose of arsenic in 1993. She was convicted of murder at Leeds Crown Court in December 1993. Zoora was given a tariff of 20 years.

At her original trial, Zoora did not mention the abuse she had suffered, as she did not want to bring shame onto her family. During her appeal against conviction, which was lost, Zoora admitted poisoning Azam because of his abuse of her. In April 2000, then Home Secretary Jack Straw reduced her 20 year tariff to twelve years. Zoora's daughters, Naseem and Fozia Shah, continued to campaign for her release. Justice for Women in Leeds visited and supported Zoora regularly, working closely with Southall Black Sisters, as she was serving her life sentence in Yorkshire. Zoora was finally released in 2006, having served two years longer than her reduced tariff.


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