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Should These Women Be In Prison For Killing Their Alleged Abusers?, Broadly, 23 November 2018

Women who kill their partners are still being treated differently to men, Julie Bindel, The Guardian, 10 July 2018

Harriet Wistrich: The lawyer holding the state to account when they let women downiNews, 1 March 2018

Justice for Women co-founder, Harriet Wistrich speaks with Helena Kennedy QC and Heather Savage (friend of Farieissia Martin) on the Victoria Derbyshire Show 25th October 2017

Why are we still looking women up for killing their violent partners?, Telegraph, 25 October 2017

Bad Women: Do We Still Demonise Female Offenders?The Platform, 15 January 2017

How The UK’s Domestic Abuse Laws Have Changed Since Sara Thornton Was FreedMakers, 2 June 2016

Will Stacey Hyde’s acquittal finally change hearts and minds? Julie Bindel, The Guardian, 15 June 2015

Women's Mass AwakingThe Guardian, 4 August 2010

Driven to Kill, Julie Bindel, The Guardian, 26 June 2009

An end to the easy way out, Julie Bindel, The Guardian, 29 July 2008

Spotlight on Domestic Abuse LawsBBC News, 29 July 2008

This one's for Emma, Julie Bindel, The Guardian, 23 July 2008

Still taking abuse, Harriet Wistrich, The Guardian, 14 July 2005

Fatal Flaw, Harriet Wistrich, The Guardian, 3 March 2004

'Crime of passion' is no defenceThe Guardian, 19 January 2003

This is about a life destroyed, a family destroyedThe Guardian, 28 October 1999

Abused wife who killed gets probationThe Guardian, 23 October 1999

No satisfactionThe Guardian, 25 May 1999


Emma-Jayne Magson:

Was this woman wrongly convicted of murder?, BBC News, 10 January 2019

Should These Women Be In Prison For Killing Their Alleged Abusers?, Broadly, 23 November 2018

Emma Jayne Magson: Woman jailed for life for murdering boyfriend had suffered physical abuse, mother says, The Independent, 14 November 2018

Charity planning appeal against murder conviction of boyfriend killer Emma-Jayne Magson, Leicester Mercury, 7 November 2017


Sally challen:

Sally Challen appeal: a ‘watershed moment’, The Justice Gap, 25 February 2019

Sally Challen’s sons: We want Mum’s murder conviction quashed so she can come home, The Telegraph, 23 February 2019

Sally Challen: Will 'coercive control' defence help overturn wife's murder conviction?, ITV News, 20 February 2019

My mother killed my father, but I want her freed, The Guardian Podcast, 19 February 2019

‘Our mother’s actions were the result of a life-long campaign of fear’, The Justice Gap, 18 February 2019

Coercive control appeal: Sally Challen murdered her husband with 20 hammer blows — now she says she’s a victim too, The Times, 17 February 2019

Dad’s abuse was drip-drip but, oh, how we suffered, The Times, 17 February 2019

‘Fear led our mother to kill our father. It wasn’t murder’, The Guardian, 17 February 2019

'It wasn't jealousy or rage, she suffered a lifelong campaign of abuse': Sons of Sally Challen, 64, who bludgeoned her husband to death with a hammer relive their trauma as they await landmark hearing that could see her murder conviction quashed, The Mail Online, 17 February 2019

Sons of mother who murdered their father hope she will walk free, The Metro, 17 February 2019

'My mum killed my dad with a hammer but I want her freed', BBC News, 3 January 2019

Brothers whose mum murdered their dad with hammer want her to be RELEASED, The Mirror, 3 January 2019

WIFE'S MURDER APPEAL Woman who killed ‘abusive’ husband has won permission to launch attempt to overturn murder conviction, The Sun, 22 December 2018

Should These Women Be In Prison For Killing Their Alleged Abusers?, Broadly, 23 November 2018

'Yes, mum killed dad, but she's NOT a murderer', Julie Bindel, The Daily Mail, 12 October 2018

'I miss him so much': why did a devoted wife kill the man she loved?, The Guardian, 29 September 2018

Sally's son, David, and Harriet Wistrich (Sally's lawyer) join Jenni Murray to discuss why he's campaigning for his mother and what the appeal could mean for other women who have been subject to coercive control.

This domestic abuse case might change the way women liveThe Guardian, 11 March 2018

Sally Challen can appeal against conviction for murdering husbandThe Times, 2 March 2018

Claygate woman wins bid to challenge conviction over husband's hammer murderGet Surrey, 2 March 2018

David Challen: 'My Mum killed my Dad but I can understand why'The Telegraph, 2 March 2018

Woman who beat husband to death with hammer to appeal murder conviction due to 'decades of domestic abuse'Independent, 1 March 2018

The case of Sally Challen, who killed her husband, could set a precedent for women suffering domestic abuse, Julie Bindel, The Guardian, 1 March 2018

Wife who bludgeoned her husband to death with a hammer after he raped and abused her wins her bid for an appealThe Daily Mail, 1 March 2018

Surrey woman who killed husband can challenge murder convictionThe Guardian, 1 March 2018

Woman challenges conviction over husband´s hammer murderDaily Mail, 1 March 2018

Woman appealing conviction over brutal murder of her husband at their £1million home claims he raped her amid 'campaign of emotional control overlooked at her trial', Mail on Sunday, 25 February 2018

'MY FATHER'S THE MONSTER' Yes my mum bludgeoned my dad to death with a hammer, but after 40 years of cruel mental abuse at his hands she’s the real victimThe Sun, 23 February 2018

An advance that could have the impact of DNAThe Times, 22 February 2018

Domestic violence needs a #MeToo momentThe Times, 21 February 2018

Harriet and David Challen, Sally's son, discussing the case and life with Richard Challen on Radio4 Today, 19 February 2018

'‘My mum murdered my dad. It was his fault’The Times, 17 February 2018

Richard Challen death: Campaigners aim to overturn wife's convictionBBC News, 25 October 2017

Harriet Wistrich discussing Sally's case on BBC Radio Surrey, 25 October 2017:


Farieissia Martin:

Farieissia Martin's friend Heather talks about Farieissia on the Victoria Derbyshire Show 25th October 2017

 ‘My best friend killed her violent partner’, Marie Claire, 11 February 2019

Dingle mum Farieissia Martin jailed for minimum of 13 years for murder of childhood sweetheart, Liverpool Echo, 9 June 2015

Kyle Farrell murder: Farieissia Martin jailed for life, BBC News, 9 June 2015

Stacey Hyde:

Stacey Hyde: I was branded a cold-hearted killer but that night it was him or me, Mirror, 13 June 2015

CPS’s blinkered approach to evidence in Stacey Hyde case, Stacey Hyde's defence team, The Guardian, 16 June 2015

Stacey Hyde: 'There are many more who need their cases re-examined'The Guardian, 11 June 2015

Stacey Hyde cleared of murdering friend’s violent boyfriend after retrialThe Times, 22 May 2015

Stacey Hyde’s story is a shocking insight into how the law treats young, abused women, Julie Bindel, The Guardian, 22 May 2015

Young woman falls to her knees sobbing after retrial jury clears her of murdering friend's violent boyfriendDaily Mail, 21 May 2015

Stacey Hyde cleared of murder at retrialThe Telegraph, 21 May 2015

Stacey Hyde cleared of murder in retrialThe Guardian, 21 May 2015

Stacey Hyde cleared of murdering Vincent Francis in retrialBBC News, 21 May 2015

Justice for Stacey Hyde: A Frightened 17-Year-OldThe Huffington Post, 11 November 2015

Stacey Hyde wins appeal against murder convictionThe Guardian, 13 November 2014

Should we have jailed this teen girl for life for killing a violent man?The Telegraph, 13 November 2014

Behind Stacey Hyde’s conviction for murder is a failed mental health system, Julie Bindel, 12 November 2014

Stacey Hyde: life imprisonment for 'acting out of fear'The Guardian, 26 November 2013


kirsty scamp

Released woman: ‘I still can’t go home to mum’, This is Kent, 30 July 2010

Kirsty is released from prisonThis is Kent, 30 July 2010

Kent women freed after stabbing ‘never meant to kill’BBC News Kent, 26 July 2010

Exclusive interview with Kirsty ScampKentOnline, 23 July 2010

Woman freed after winning murder conviction appealKent News, 22 July 2010

Woman who stabbed boyfriend to death is freed because trial judge failed to properly direct jurors on victim's violent pastDaily Mail, 22 July 2010

Kent woman wins Sheerness murder appealBBC News Kent, 21 July 2010


Sharon Akers

Woman guilty of murdering loverBBC News, 19 May 2004

Driven to Kill, Julie Bindel, The Guardian, 26 June 2009


Jane Andrews

Killer ex-royal dresser Jane Andrews to be released, TheTelegraph, 21 May 2015

Former royal aide to leave prison after serving 14 years for murder, The Guardian, 21 May 2015

Jane Andrews to be released from prisonIndependent, 21 May 2015

Duchess of York's killer aide Jane Andrews loses her bid to be freed from prisonThe Telegraph, 27 April 2012

Was it really murder? Part I, The Guardian, 30 August 2003

Was it really murder? Part II, The Guardian, 30 August 2003


Josephine Smith

Judges free mother convicted of gun murder of abusive husbandThe Telegraph, 5 November 2002

Court frees woman who shot abusive husbandIndependent, 5 November 2002

Murder trauma set to be relivedLynn News, 11 January 2002

'Battered' killer secures appealThe Guardian, 8 January 2002

It was years before I believed he was deadIndependent, 25 September 2000


Donna Tinker

Knife-killing woman has murder ruling quashedThe Telegraph, 6 December 2002

Girl relives day mother turned killerThe Telegraph, 4 December 2002

Court hears of step-fathers threatsBBC News, 3 December 2002

Daughter's evidence could free battered wifeThe Guardian, 24 November 2002


Zoora Shah

Straw cuts jail term for woman who killed 'abuser', The Guardian, 5 April 2000

Arsenic killer's sentence cutBBC News, 4 April 2000

They both killed their partners. But which one got life?Independent, 1 November 1999

This is about a life destroyed, a family destroyedThe Guardian, 28 October 1999

Should Zoora be serving 20 years?The Irish Times, 23 November 1998

Arsenic killer loses appealBBC News, 30 April 1998

Somewhere in BritainIndependent, 22 February 1998


Diana Butler

Woman who killed violent partner gets probationThe Guardian, 2 October 1999

Woman who killed boyfriend walks freeBBC News, 1 October 1999



How The UK’s Domestic Abuse Laws Have Changed Since Sara Thornton Was FreedMakers, 2 June 2016

Sara Thornton is cleared of murderIndependent, 30 May 1996

Murder wife's pardon plea is rejectedIndependent, 18 August 1993



This one's for Emma, Julie Bindel, The Guardian, 23 July 2008

Self-portrait of a teenage killerThe Guardian, 10 November 2003

Woman who stabbed violent partner freedIndependent, 7 July 1995

also see:

The Map of My Life: The Story of Emma Humphreys (ISBN: 9780954634100) by Julie Bindel and Harriet Wistrich.


Janet Gardner

Battered woman is freed over killingIndependent, 30 October 1992


Kiranjit Ahluwalia

'I wanted him to stop hurting me', Julie Bindel, The Guardian, 4 April 2007

Killer given domestic violence awardBBC News, 12 November 2001

Brutalised wife appeals against murder verdictIndependent, 19 July 1992