about Emma

23-year old Emma, had recently left a relationship with an abusive man who had hospitalised her, when she met and fell in love with James. Over the months they were together, James became increasingly controlling, jealous and physically aggressive. On 26th March 2016, the couple were out drinking with friends in Leicester when they began to argue. Later at home, when James’ behaviour towards her became unbearable, she suddenly stabbed him. A single action which proved fatal. She was convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison, to serve a minimum of 17 years. 

Emma has never denied causing James’ death. She lives with the consequences of her action each and every day; she loved him. Emma did not give evidence at trial. A defence of self-defence was advanced on her behalf. The jury were not alerted to the history of domestic abuse she absorbed as a child and endures as an adolescent and young mother. There was no full examination of her mental health issues.

In the Court of Appeal (Criminal Division) on 22nd November 2018 Clare Wade QC asked the court to consider granting permission for a renewed application for leave to appeal against her conviction. That application was supported by fresh psychiatric and psychological evidence obtained on Emma’s behalf. The court were asked to consider, amongst other propositions, the availability of the defence of loss of control and impact of Emma’s Personality Disorder and PDD on her behaviour.

Emma’s application to appeal was successful and we now wait for a date for her hearing. We will be asking people to join us at court on the day so please watch this space….

Help support Emma..