about diana

Diana's partner, Roger, had been violent and sexually abusive to her for over two years. One evening after they had been for a drink with friends, they had an argument. He began to wreck the house, hit Diana and dragged her around the house. She was extremely frightened and begged him to stop. They were in the kitchen when she picked up a knife and stabbed him once.

In December 1998, Diana was convicted of murder and sentenced to life imprisonment. Justice for Women found her a new legal team. We campaigned on her behalf using awareness raising leaflets, petitions, and via the media.  We also hosted a demonstration outside the Court of Appeal.

Diana's appeal was successful. She was re-tried in July 1999. After she had given evidence at the trial, a plea of guilty to manslaughter was accepted. In October 1999 she was sentenced to three years' probation.

My wish is that the law will change, and that women who find themselves living with violent men will get the help, support and understanding to be able to get away from these bullies. That is what these men are. I can see that now, but unfortunately it is too late for my family and me now. My biggest gratitude is for the marvelous job Justice for Women do, and the help and support they have given me is second to none. The only down side is that there should never have been a need to set up such a campaign because women should get justice in the first place…
— Diana Butler

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